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Digitising Cookbooks

The following post outlines how I digitised two of my most frequent used cookbooks.

While it’s actually nice to have the “real” cookbook open during the process of cooking in comparison to an Android tablet or iPad, which frequently needs to be unlocked to display the recipe again, it’s also useful to have the recipe online as well. In particular if you’re away on a holiday, where you are doing the cooking yourself.

IPv6 @Home


In an effort to learn more about IPv6 I created an IPv6 tunnel with SixXS in April 2013. The FRITZ!Box 6360 supplied by the TV cable operator, who also provides the internet access, has all the necessary setup options to operate this tunnel with SixXS in parallel to the standard IPv4 connection.

Bookmarks - From Services to Markdown

Of course in the beginning of the web everything started with managing your bookmarks within the browser. There wasn’t not too much content, that you couldn’t cope with it through the browsers bookmark management. However syncing your bookmarks between work and home was already a problem. At the time I used, which was later bought by Lastpass. That would have been around 2006 and 2007.

Firefox was my browser of choice then, which must have been the versions 1.5 and 2.0.

This post basically lists the various stations of my bookmark keeping and explains, what I choose as my final solution.

New Start

So, finally after long period of procrastination I finally managed to update this website.

Nascom Circuit Diagrams

Continuing the process of cleaning up the basement I found the original Nascom circuit diagrams. These diagrams originate from 1978 and I got the actual Nascom hardware beginning of 1981 second hand.

Python easy.install with Chocolatey

In my company I’ve basically completly moved to the Windows platform. My company is the typical Microsoft shop and since I’m doing more management stuff with slides and “official” documents Linux wasn’t simply an option any more. My company deploys a method to completly remotely install a PC/Laptop with all the required standard set of software. However there are those very nice to have programs like Notepad++, CCleaner or ConEmu, which make life under Windows bearable or if you want to add a programming language like Python or Ruby.