From GoDaddy to other registrars

I’ve finally completed the move of my domains from GoDaddy to other registrars. Simply not to have to deal with their ugly administrative user interface any more was worth the effort. You never could be sure if you’re would be looking at an administrative function, an ad or if the next click put a new item into your shopping cart. Anyway, absolutely horrible.

I originally planed to move all my domains to However they don’t deal in *.eu and *.name domains. So, now I’ve split the domains between (my .net domain) and (my .eu and .name domains). Both registrars sport so much nicer administrative user interfaces. These user interfaces alone were completely worth the trouble of transfering the domains.

And while I was at it, I setup to point at my Google+ page.

ScribeFire Issue

I’m a big fan of the ScribeFire Blog Editor. There is one very annoying behaviour however, that each time I’m pressing the key, which generates the X11 modifier ISO_Level3_Shift (and also the key with the modifier Super_L), that a new window with the ScribeFire online help opens. Since I’m composing the articles with the Markdown WordPress plugin and a German keyboard layout, I’m frequently required to the press the ISO_Level3_Shift key. Fortunately, once the ScribeFire online help window has opened and has been placed below the main browser windows, it stays there, although the online help page is loaded each time the ISO_Level3_Shift key is pressed. Am I the only one, who sees this behaviour under Linux?

Arrrg, this IE6 thing …

By choosing an readily available external theme, I though these IE CSS compatibilty issues would have been taken care off, but I was apparently wrong. I had omitted to look at this site with IE6, since at home I’m mostly working in a Linux environment. But today at work I took a quick look with IE6 and the result is, that I switched to the Abstractia theme, which also looks good in IE. I guess I need to check, if my minor changes caused the degradation of the Livegreen theme, but what I saw with IE6 was not very nice. And I’m really tired to relearn the IE quirks, each time I want to do a bit CSS styling after a bit of time doing no Web work.

User Data Mangement of ICQ sucks

In the past couple of days I’ve been trying to update my personal data at ICQ, without real success. I’ve been trying this through the Web interface and through the Windows ICQ5 client. The effect is essentially the same.

When I look at my data through the Web interface, the most peculiar data is displayed. I’ve been to update my birthday to January, 1961. However, what I’m seeing is December, 31st 1969. Sometimes my age is correctly displayed as 45, then again as 36.

Then I’ve been trying to update my avatar to something else. Again, the same unpredictable result. With each browser reload, I’m seeing something different. This is all very annoying.

Somehow I think, this fits with the uglified user interface of the Windows client due to much advertisement. I’m getting a much more solid feeling from Google Talk.