Eins Live Rocker

During the Mayday 2005 transmisson I was browsing the einslive website. What a pleasant suprise. There will be a new show called Eins Live Rocker starting on May 7th, 2005, were top DJ’s from the German club scene will be presenting 2 hour sets, each Saturday/Sunday night a different DJ. Moguai will be the first. The show will be running from 0:00 until 2:00 Sunday morning. einslive is even broadcasting over the Internet.

This is very good news. I’m still somewhat missing the old Partyservice with Piet Blank. Since the demise of the Partyservice I’ve somewhat lost touch with the style of music, which is usually played by Piet Blank and even more so by Moguai. What I don’t get is, how that radio show can be called “Rocker”. Judging from Moguai’s website, it appears that Moguai played a major role in the creation of this show.

Pearl Jam in a Trance radio show

During Monday evening I’ve been listening to the Mellomania Deluxe radio show with Pedro del Mar and DJ Shah on Sunshine Live and during the last hour from 23:00-24:00 they played a mix by Adam White. And sometime in the middle of the mix, I thought I hear something by Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder. But the playlist lists “whitewash” as interpret. No Pearl Jam.

But today I became curious again and googled after “whitewash better man” and really found this, some link about the clubbing scene in Hong Kong, an entry apparently by Matt Darey. So I was right after all, that I heard Eddie Vedder singing, which is a remix of a bootleg Pearl Jam ballad.It’s so nice (for the most part), that there is this vast space of the Internet.

Global DJ Broadcast off the air.

I just noticed, that the next trance oriented broadcast, namely GDBJ went off-line and that the radio station, which aired GDJB switched from Dance to Rock. Trance music is apparently really at the end of it’s life cycle. I hope, that enough trance music continues to exist on the Internet.