Online for ASOT 250

I’m currently on-line to listen to episode 250 of “A State of Trance”. I’m a big of Armin van Buuren and his radio show since episode 138 and I think I’ve only missed a handful.

I was introduced to Armin and ASOT by Chris, who was about 20 years of age at the time and me being a little more than twice that age. If I would’ve belonged to the generation of my parents age wise he easily could’ve been my son.

Anyway, Armin keep going with the compilations and the radio show “A State of Trance“.

Sennheiser HD 457 vs. HD 201

The Sennheiser HD 201 got a pretty rave review at the The Register. Not too long ago I bought the Sennheiser HD 457 in particular for listening to music in the company. This headphone is very comfortable to wear, but produces way to much bass.

Since the HD 201 is on offer for about 20 Euro in the local Media Markt, I decided to give the HD 201 a try and I concur with The Register. The sound of the HD 201 is really excellent. Much more balanced than the HD 457. However it is a notch less comfortable than HD 457 since the cushion around the ear of the 457 is clad with a kind of textile fabric while the the HD 201 uses a kind of smooth plastic with the tendency to let you sweat earlier. Sound wise the 201 is definitely better, although it is cheaper by a third compared to the 457.

A State of Trance – Tune of the Year Vote 2005

So, this is it: the results of the A State of Trance – Tune of the Year Vote 2005. In general I agree with the list, although I must say, that I would have voted the lower half of the list somewhat higher. I didn’t vote this year, since no tune kept stuck in my mind like last years “Above & Beyond – No One on Earth” or “Ridgewalker ft. El – Find”. My personal favorites out of that list are (in no particular order): AvB – Shivers, Airbase – Escape, Above & Beyond – Alone Tonight, Gabriel & Dresden ft. Molly – Tracking Treasure down, Kuffdam & Plant – Summer Dream. And I would have thought, that the Sander van Doorn Remix of Police – SOS would end higher in the list. In my mind this is easily the tune, which received the most airplay.

A State of Trance 200 XXL

Just listening since 8:00pm to episode 200 of “A State of Trance” with Armin van Buuren via the Internet. Even better is, that this is a XXL episode. First a 2 hour mix of the listeners favourite ASOT tracks. Currently running an exclusive mix by “Gabriel & Dresden” and another hour of Armin still to come. I’ve been following ASOT since around episode 138.

I need to thank Chris again for introducing me to this style of electronic dance music.

Funny Recommendation

Funny Recommendation

While leisurely surfing the web I came across an advertisement by [JPC](, an online CD and books dealer. Well, I thought, let’s check out some music. I searched for “technoclub”, since “Technoclub Next Vol. 2” mixed by [Talla 2xlc]( and [Kyau vs. Albert]( is on my map for a possible purchase and I got this result (click on the picture to the right for a larger view). You have to look at the recommendations to laugh you head off. Apparently the recommendation system thinks that Techno/Trance fits perfectly with some oldie samplers: “Generation of Love”, “Remember 60’s Vol. 3” or “One Hit Wonders”. Now, if that isn’t funny :-)