Getting new SPAM

Since I’ve switch from Movable Type to WordPress and AuthImage, I ‘ve been pretty save from comment SPAM, but since the last 4 or 5 days I’m getting new comment SPAM.

Either the SPAMMERs found a way around AuthImage by examining the image or WordPress sports another security bug. Anyway, this SPAM is really annoying. I guess I have to have a new look at the available WordPress plugins.

Successfully updated to WordPress 1.5.2

WordPress 1.5.2 was just released and I successfully updated to this version, but I did the update with a self created patch file. I unpacked the WP and 1.5.2 into two directories and created a patch file by running the command “diff -b -w -u -r <wp-1.5.13-dir> <wp-1.5.2-dir>“. This file was created by the process.

Since I’m fortunate enough to have SSH access to my web site, I was able to quickly rsync the WP directory from the web site to my local backup directory, make an additional backup, patch WP with the command “patch -l -N -p1 -b -Vsimple” with the above patch file and rsynced the WP directory back. The patch applied cleanly, although I have the plugins AuthImage and IImage Browser installed.

This was an update with really very minimal hassle.

Some long overdue updates.

Well, [WordPress]( was released some time ago. And the final version of [Gallery 1.5]( was also released sometime ago and I was still running the the last release candidate 1.5RC3.

So, I finally found the time this evening to update both version. All went pretty smoothly. Even better than described in the documentation of both products, since I’ve ssh access to my website I could apply [rsync]( for the task. This increased the transparency greatly. And in case of WordPress I executed this find command: `find wp-admin/ wp-includes/ -type f -exec touch -t 200501010000 {} \;` before the upload of the new files. This command set the time stamp of the file to the 1st. January 2005. This allowed me to distinguish any possibly on longer used old files from the newly installed.

Finally found a new weblog title.

I’ve been looking for a good weblog title for quite some time. Something like “Ongoing” or “The Fishbowl (tail -f /dev/mind >blog)”. Then on Saturday afternoon, when I was again busy fixing up some things in the house, I thought: “This is really a never ending baustelle (engl. construction site)”, some things still not ready after living nearly 10 years in the house. Life in general is a never ending construction site, so in following the book title “The Never Ending Story” by Michael Ende, “Never Ending Baustelle” seem quite appropiate even though it’s a mixture of English and German. We are bombarded with English slogans everywhere anyway, so I think it fits.

Switched The Theme.

Well, since my original design looked so messy in the Internet Explorer, I decided to switch to the original WP theme (Kubrick) from the distribution until I have time to fix my theme. Or I might even stay with this theme since I would need to do quite a bit of work to get my theme to the same level. So I probably will keep this theme and tune the colours a little bit to my liking. And while I switched to the new theme, I noticed, what a really nice and complete package WordPress has become.