ScribeFire Issue

I’m a big fan of the ScribeFire Blog Editor. There is one very annoying behaviour however, that each time I’m pressing the key, which generates the X11 modifier ISO_Level3_Shift (and also the key with the modifier Super_L), that a new window with the ScribeFire online help opens. Since I’m composing the articles with the Markdown WordPress plugin and a German keyboard layout, I’m frequently required to the press the ISO_Level3_Shift key. Fortunately, once the ScribeFire online help window has opened and has been placed below the main browser windows, it stays there, although the online help page is loaded each time the ISO_Level3_Shift key is pressed. Am I the only one, who sees this behaviour under Linux?

One thought on “ScribeFire Issue

  1. Hey there!

    I’m sorry you are experiencing any difficulty or frustration with ScribeFire and would love to be able to tackle your issue from our end.

    If you don’t mind, please submit this issue in detail to our dedicated plug-in platform:, where we can address it directly and efficiently.

    Thanks! Happy Blogging!

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