New Glass for my Canon 350D

Tamron 17-50 vs. Canon 18-55
I’ve been considering the Tamron 17-55mm/2.8 lens as a replacement for the original Canon 18-55mm kit lens for quite some time now. It has been getting some pretty good reviews at SLRGear, the Digital Picture and from Bob Atkins. An additional reason was, that the Value Added Tax was increased from 16 to 19% starting with 2007. So I quickly placed the order on Dec. 30th, 2006, sort of a belated Christmas and early birthday present.

I made a quick and unscientific comparison between the Tamron and the Canon kit lens. I’ve been reading about the occasional quality problem of the Tamron lens in some forums and I wanted to check, if my copy was ok. It’s very obvious from the picture (top row Tamron, bottom row Canon), that the Tamron is indeed a very good lens. The shots were taken at the telephoto end with a distance of about 1m from the keyboard and a flash on a tripod left to the keyboard with no processing of the raw file, only converting it to JPG.