Back in Linux Gentoo Business

After disaster struck I’m finally back in business. My system is reinstalled to the point, where it crashed. Apparently only the /bin directory was mostly wiped, when the crash happened. I was able to salvage all personal and system configuration data. In particular the database of installed packages under /var/db/pkg was complete.

The system was reinstalled by running Ubuntu 6.10 and using a recent Stage 3 Gentoo tarball in a chroot environment. During this process I recreated the root-fs as an Ext3 file system as this now appears to be the defacto standard file system. After that the “big” packages like KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice, Firefox etc were reinstalled from binary packages. The remaining difference were fixed by comparing the old /var/db/pkg contents with the new. The listing of the old contents was created by executing:

# cd <backup location>/var/db/pkg
# find . -maxdepth 2 |sort > /tmp/old.txt

Within XEmacs I compare the backup database and the new one by executing

(cd /var/db/pkg/ ; find . -maxdepth 2)|sort| diff -u /tmp/old.txt -

This gave me an overview about the differences. I installed the missing packages, copied the system configuration data back over as well as the user home directories. And that was basically it.