Disaster Struck

Right in the middle of updating my Gentoo Linux to the latest portage tree in the background and just wanting to watch a daily critique from the Radiant Vista the PC came to complete halt, display completely garbled. Something which I experienced very rarely, in particular with Linux. But it happens. I’m wondering, if the kernel 2.6.19, which I’m running, has something to do with it. I think I already experience some problems in the NFS department on the systems in my company, where I’m running this kernel.

Unfortunately the system won’t boot any more. Sometime after the initrd is process and just after udev initialization has been completed, the boot process stopps because some essentials programs like /bin/touch are not found. Something screwed up the hard disk to a certain extend. So, I think a reinstall in order. Luckily I have enough removable storage, to salvage as much data as I can and I think I have been 100% successful with the really private data like pictures, documents and so on. BTW I’m doing the backup under control of a recent Ubuntu 6.10 Live DVD.

A fresh Gentoo Live Installer CD is already downloaded and burned onto CD. Once I copied the remaining data, which can salvaged, the reinstall can start.