Back from Boot Camp

Back from from three days Nürnberg. I must say, the Novell/SuSE folks are no cheapskates. The event was very well organized. They really put a lot of effort into the Boot Camp.

Concerning the sessions, it was as expected. The “File Systems” and “System Monitoring ” were not that interesting. “File Systems” was mainly concerned with lvm2 and since I only recently setup up system with lvm2 there wasn’t really anything new. “System Monitoring” likewise. When you have lived for the past 15 years in various flavours of Unix (FSC’s Reliant Unix, Solaris and Linux) at the system level you should know your monitoring tools.

Things got really interesting with the “IP Packet Filtering”. This left with enough staff, that needs digging into for the time to come. The Linux iptables really is something, that needs to be studied very closely otherwise you will definitely screw up. The last major session then was about “Xen”. One of SuSE’s chief architects gave a very good overview. After that we installed a “Xen” domain with SLES 10. Interestingly enough, this was all done within in VMware-Player VM. A VM within a VM. BTW, the whole SLES 10 hands on was done within a VMware player. Nearly all participants were using Laptops with Windows. Using VMware for this worked out very nicely.

After this a shorter presentation of SLED 10 (the Enterprise Desktop) was given. Xgl was particular impressing for me. In my opinion SLED 10 is definitely a serious alternative to all the MS stuff on the desktop. By default the user will be setup with the GNOME desktop, which is a major change compared to other versions. The average user however won’t really care about this.

So, in summary, 2½ interesting days in Nuremberg.

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