The Big Compile: Finished

The big compilation started on Aug. 31st, around 13:00 and was ready Sep. 2nd 2:50 with a 90 min compilation break in between.

In the compilation time of 36 ΒΌ hours a total of 995 packages was successfully reinstalled. The compilation of 11 packages failed (the first new versions of these packages currently pop up on the x86 stable RSS feeds). The compilation of OpenOffice 2.0 took another 6 hours.

Looking at some of the failed packages, it appears as if assembler code was the culprit for the failures.

The binary installation on the one system, which also provides the original storage for /usr/portage and /portage for the other systems took about 3 hours. The binary installation on the other system with nfsmounted portage-trees (via 100Mb Ethernet) took 8 hours.

Now I can take about 1100 binary packages home and repeat the process one last time.

One last thing. If you don’t recompile the kernel and any package with a kernel module (i.e. nvidia-drivers) has been reinstalled, you’ll need to reinstall it another time with a temporarily activated GCC 3.4.6. Loading a GCC 4.1.1 compiled module into a GCC 3.4.x compiled kernel causes conflicts.