Cleaning out the Closet

Well I’m someone of a keeper. I’m alway thinking, that this piece of whatever might still be usefull someday. But this is some old computer stuff, where I really have no problem with letting go.

  • An ISA bus backplane
  • An ISA bus CPU card originally running with a 486DX and a whooping 33MHz
  • An ISA 4 channel V24 card
  • Two ISA 10Mbit Ethernet cards
  • An ISA Teles S16.3 ISDN card
  • An ISA 1505 Adaptec SCSI controller
  • An ISA 1540 Adaptec SCSI controller
  • An ISA Creative sound card CT4170
  • A Toshiba 2x SCSI-CDROM drive
  • A Tandberg TDC 3660 QIC Tape drive (capacity 40Mb I think)
  • Two V24 mouses
  • An Atari ST keyboard and a PC style keyboard
  • An Atari ST floppy disk
  • 3 SCSI hard disks with 40 and 80 Mb
  • An AT-compatible 150W power supply
  • A 2400Bd modem
  • A complete i486 66MHz system in a big server tower cabinet
  • and other smaller parts

Not that anyone cares what stuff I’m keeping in my closet, but interesting nevertheless, what accumulates over the years.

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