Alternative to Ball Bungees

David Hobby aka the strobist has a collection of very, very good articles online under the headline “[Lightning 101]((”, a must read for every one who wants to get his strobe/flash photography technique into shape (of course the rest of the site is just as good). He lists an item called the “Ball Bungee” as a very versatile means to quickly attach a flash to some furniture or whatever is available. These “Ball Bungees” appear to be a very common item in the US. However not so here in Germany. Extensive googleing didn’t turn up anything.

When I searched through bloglines, perhaps some other fellow European had found something equivalent, this flickr link turned up. After having seen this and some more googleing I found the Spannflex, which appears to be the very same thing as in the before mentioned flickr link. The “Spannflex” expression lead me finally to the online store and in particular to this (in white) and this (in black). €0.65 per piece. This webshop lists quite a number of country banners in their header, so this shop might be usefull to people in other countries.

As a last resort, it should be possible to build the Ball Bungees yourself. I found elastic rope in a local DIY store and it should possible to obtain appropiate wooden balls into which you drill a hole. Another source for elactic rope I found along the way is

6 thoughts on “Alternative to Ball Bungees

  1. Unfortunately will charge EUR20,- for shipping to other european countries, so it’s not very wise economically… :(

  2. lol, I have the same problem here in belgium.
    I probably read the same strobist article, and really want ball bungees, but can’t find them in any hardware store here… any tips ?

  3. Aahhhh! same problem here!

    Well, I smell a good business opportunity here, for Europeans! (lol).

    Come on guys!!!

  4. Try a shop segling equipment for (sailing)boats. My wife had them for fixating the main sail when in harbour.

  5. If you have an old trampoline, you should be able to salvage plenty of these from it. That’s what I did….

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