Update to WordPress 2.0.4

Long over due, the update to WordPress to 2.0.4 on this site. Until some moments ago I was still running 2.0.2.

Again, I did the update a bit different compared to the documentation on the WP site. First I compared the files from this site to the WP 2.0.2 distribution directory to find out about any local changes. In my case I modified wp-comments-post.php to support AuthImage. Then I compares to distributions 2.0.2 and 2.0.4 against one another to find out about new or changed files. This is the list of changed files. I zipped them after having included the changes for AuthImage in wp-comments-post.php, transferred them to this site and extracted them in the WordPress installation directory. Done.

This worked for me, it might even work for you.