New IPCOP Router HW

New Router

In the company we’re currently in the process of relocating to a new building. As is customary during such occasions tons of old stuff turns up, which is usually destined for garbage. Luckily I was now in the position to officially obtain some old hardware dated from the last century (must be from 1998 or so). This is something which at the time was targeted at the thin client market. It is equipped with a 200 MHz IDT C6 CPU and 64Mb of memory. And best of all it is very quiet.


Some time ago I already had ebayed a CF-Card-IDE adapter and an used IBM 340MB micro drive. With the new router hardware this was the perfect time to put these new devices into place. Although the good IPCOP folks build a script, which creates a specially modified image intended for flash cards with minimized writing operations, I thought, that a micro drive might even be better.

The end effect is a very quiet router, not quite as fast the original due to the somewhat slower micro drive, but otherwise simply perfect.