New Trance Compilations

Not too long ago I purchased the trance compilations Mellomania Step 6 and A State of Trance 2006. Compilations in general imply the danger, that a certain tune can be found on multiple releases. The next Technoclub Vol.20 has just been released and Mellomania Step 7 is due out soon. To decide if should purchase these last two compilations as well, I decided to calculate the overlap. I cut’n pasted the track listings into an OpenOffice spreadsheet and sorted them.

Results (ASOT = A State of Trance 2006, TC20 = Technoclub Vol.20, MM06 & MM07 Mellomania Step 6/7):

  • On ASOT and TC20: Danjo & Rob Styles vs DJ Governor – Blue Woods / DJ Governor – Red Woods (I guess the different titles are due to different mixes)
  • On ASOT and MM07: DJ Shah with Jan Johnston – Beautiful (Different mixes)
  • On ASOT and TC20: Kuffdam & Plant – Dream Makers
  • On ASOT and MM07: O’Callaghan & Kearney – Exactly
  • On MM06 and TC20: Galen Behr & Robert Burns – Till We Meet Again
  • On ASOT and TC20: Giuseppe Ottaviani & Marc van Linden – Until Monday
  • On ASOT and MM07: Kyau vs Albert – Walk Down
  • On ASOT and MM07: Fable – Above

I guess, the overlap (8 tunes) is not too big considering, that all four compilations contain in total 129 tracks on 8 CDs.