User Data Mangement of ICQ sucks

In the past couple of days I’ve been trying to update my personal data at ICQ, without real success. I’ve been trying this through the Web interface and through the Windows ICQ5 client. The effect is essentially the same.

When I look at my data through the Web interface, the most peculiar data is displayed. I’ve been to update my birthday to January, 1961. However, what I’m seeing is December, 31st 1969. Sometimes my age is correctly displayed as 45, then again as 36.

Then I’ve been trying to update my avatar to something else. Again, the same unpredictable result. With each browser reload, I’m seeing something different. This is all very annoying.

Somehow I think, this fits with the uglified user interface of the Windows client due to much advertisement. I’m getting a much more solid feeling from Google Talk.

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