Drupal instead of TWiki

In my company I’m still running TWiki as
the department collaboration tool. Although to be honest, except for 2 or 3 people in my
group the usefulness of a Wiki has not yet really been understood.

Anyway, I’m still running the September, 2001 version of TWiki with some local design modifications.
Since I have redesigned my departments website, I thought, it was time for an Twiki refresh
as well. A release candidate for version 4.0 was announced recently on
freshmeat, so I gave this version a try.
And I must say, that I’m very probably going to switch to
Drupal. I found TWiki’s customization layer
not very user friendly and somewhat hard to understand. There are so many files with so
many TMPL definition. In the end I might not have tried hard enough to
understand it all, but it sure looks intimidating. Drupal on the other hand was very easy
to understand, one template file styled with CSS. To have a little more flexibility, I
installed the PHPtemplate
engine and after about a hour I had a basic working design implementation even though I never have programmed one line in PHP. With the
installed Markdown module,
text input for any user will be just as easy as with a Wiki.

So, I guess, Drupal will be it in the end.

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