Digging into Java and Swing again

So, I have Swing, 2nd Edition sitting on my desk. After some extended period of time without any serious programming I thought it was time to start something new. The environment I’ve been working in lately at work was mostly concerned with command line tools, so I thought it would be nice, if I could whip up some small GUI front end.

Well, the Swing book is a really thick book. I’ll see, if can I make it the whole way through. I’ve decided to use Eclipse as my IDE after having mostly worked with Netbeans 3.6 until now. I will also type all of the examples myself in to the IDE and not use the downloadable source code, at least for the shorter examples. I feel, that although this is a somewhat tedious task, it helps to get certain idioms and expression into your head just as it helps to memorize some vocabulary if you copy from the book by hand.

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